Physician Patient Fusion

Engaging Patients Through Digital Assists to Improve Efficiency in Physician Practices

Diagnosing. Giving your patients the best care possible. Making a good living... Being a DOCTOR! These are the reasons you entered the field of medicine. RAF is working to promote that cause.

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Happier Patients and Doctors Start with a Healthier Exam Process

Less Time Lost To Non-clinical Tasks

More Focused and Productive Exams. Greater Dx Accuracy and Patient Throughput.

Better Alignment Of Coding With Payer Expectations

Less Time Lost To Non-clinical Tasks

Reduce EHR Intrusion

We diminish the amount of time and focus lost to narrative inputs, screen transition and poor presentation of patient profile

Fewer Denied Claims and Pre-Auth Challenges

Better patient work-ups yield more supporting documentation and correct coding for claims and pre-auths

More Focused and Productive Exams. Greater Dx Accuracy and Patient Throughput.

Augment Exam Scope, Consistency and Patient Data Capture

Time constraints, varied exam styles/thoroughness from clinician to clinician, patient failure to articulate issues, short staff and new staff all impact the extent to which you can maximize your diagnostic capacity - and the validity of the data that goes into your system, claims, value-based measures and pop-health baselines

Distinguish Appropriate Screening Opportunities with Real-time Application of Current Protocols

Enhanced identification of symptoms + behavioral/social risk factors and presentation of the most relevant and current protocols will provide you the information needed to quickly and accurately develop your prescriptive course - for symptomatic and asymptomatic instances. Merging indications and accepted protocols validates pre-auths and claims and strengthens your regulatory/payer compliance

Better Alignment Of Coding With Payer Expectations

Improved Revenue Through Increased Dx, Preventive Intervention and Approved Claims

Revenue fuels all the good you can deliver to your patients. But working within payment limitations and an increasingly outcome-based reimbursement environment present challenges you must navigate. Our ability to optimize diagnoses, coding quantity/specificity, preventive and earlier interventional opportunities from exams serves your ability to earn and payer’s desire to control costs

Stronger Supporting Documentation

RADV, MMR, HEDIS, ACO, etc. audits and other chart focused scrutiny require you to record more and more information - and that’s not easy. Our process focuses on and uncovers the types of patient information needed to support your diagnoses and prescriptive actions

Heightened Efficiency and Practice Outcomes

Our blueprint involves common sense, evolutionary improvements to help liberate a noble, centuries old process that has been force-fed a diet of sometimes ill-advised technology and red tape. The distillation of our approach is healthier, more engaged patients and happier physician practices accomplishing more with the same (or even fewer) resources